TKSK Distributes Wheelchair For Disability

  • TKSK Distributes Wheelchair For Disability
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OHH Dayasos
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Annisa YH
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OHH Dayasos

JAKARTA (May 10, 2020) - Few days ago, there is news about a resident of Margadana, Tegal, Central Java, named Warja, who was paralyzed since 5 years ago. Mr. Warja lives with his two children Zeta Angelia (20) and Handika Wardana (8) and has long been abandoned by his wife. His condition was discovered when the Covid-19 social safety nets delivery team reported to the District Social Welfare Workers (TKSK). The Covid-19 social safety net delivery team was formed from Community Social Workers (PSM) in each village.

The Ministry of Social Affairs through Directorate General of Social Empowerment directly coordinates with Margadana TKSK and requests that the TKSK should be able to cooperate with the local government to obtain wheelchair and Kartu Jawa Tengah Sejahtera (KJS) assistance for the second phase of 2020.

Joko Margo as a TKSK who is a social volunteer at the Ministry of Social Affairs and has duties in every sub-district throughout Indonesia. TKSK has the duty to serve the community by interacting directly with them. As Joko Margo TKSK Margadana did, he immediately checked Mr. Warja's house to make sure his situation after he received a report regarding the condition of Mr. Warja who was very apprehensive.

Joko Margo moved quickly to coordinate with the Tegal City Regional Social Service, Tegal City Regional Health Office and Tegal City Regional Government to help Pak Warja's family. The efforts of Joko Margo TKSK were not in vain, the Tegal City Regional Government responded well by immediately preparing a wheelchair for Pak Warja.

Then, Saturday (09/05/2020), Tegal City Government together with the Head of Margadana Subdistrict and the Tegal City Regional Social Service were assisted by the TKSK distributed a wheelchair for Mr. Warja.

TKSK try to provides an assistance for Warja's family starting from taking care of personal data, BPJS to treat Mr. Warja's paralysis. TKSK also traced to the Tegal City Regional Health Office and Kariadi Hospital Semarang to get health access.

Mr. Warja lived in a 3x4 meter house with appalling conditions. Warja was paralyzed by a work accident when he was still a construction worker, when Warja suddenly fell while lifting heavy material. Doctors diagnosed that the tailbone was damaged because its body position was often wrong when lifting heavy loads.

Warja almost never went anywhere because he did not have a wheelchair. At home, he can only sit on the floor and rely on his daughter to work for a living as a shopkeeper whose income is only Rp. 30,000 per day. Previously, there had not been any report from the local village regarding the situation of Mr. Warja. Now Mr. Warja can smile because he got a wheelchair. With the help of the wheelchair, we hoped that Mr. Warja can do various activities in the future.

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