TKSK in Telawang District Brings the Joy for Citizen

TKSK in Telawang District Brings the Joy for Citizen
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Sub-district Social Welfare Workers, abbreviated as TKSK, is a person who has a duty, function and authority by the Ministry of Social Affairs, provincial social service offices, and / or district / city regional social services to assist the implementation of social welfare in accordance with their areas in sub-district (Permensos Number 28 of 2018 concerning TKSK in Article 1 paragraph (1)). TKSK in each sub-district is very helpful in overcoming the social problems of citizens and the existence of TKSK can also support the implementation of a performance-based budgeting approach that requires mapping of target.

Related to this, Regional governments, Provincial and District / City Social Services are expected to be able to foster and utilize TKSK in the development of social welfare, so that in this case TKSK is expected to improve services to the community and social resilience of the people in their environment. In this case, TKSK Telawang District, East Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan can bring a joy to the community because they can live more prosperously. This sub-district is an expansion of Kota Besi sub-district, this TKSK has succeeded in bringing this community better.

Agung Syahid Rahman as the Telawang TKSK who won the Best Rank 1st at the Provincial Level in Central Kalimantan representing East Kotawaringin Regency, by carrying out Social Welfare Programs for the People in Needs of Social Welfare Services (PPKS) in Telawang District area, East Kotawaringin Regency. He started from mentoring, coaching and partnering with several Oil Palm Plantation and Bank Companies in Telawang. One of the main programs is Rutilahu Rehab Innovation from the CSR Program, Non Formal Education Program for PPKS, Stunting Handling, Economic Productive Business Group Program (UEP) for PPKS, and Rutilahu Rehab Program from PT. Bumi Sawit Kencana for the residents of Sumber Makmur Village, Sebabi Village and Biru Maju Village.

Telawang District is located at Simpang Sebabi, Sebabi Village, Km 87 Jenderal Soedirman Street (Sampit - Pangkalan Bun). All villages in Telawang District are less than 500 meters above sea level (above sea level)

The main income of the people of Telawang District is planting oil palm, rubber, coconut, coffee and pepper. Uncertain season conditions causes many farmers change the land into crops and plantation crops such as oil palm and rubber which are more adaptable to seasonal changes. In Telawang sub-district, there is land exploitation for plantation and mining companies so that some people sell their land to the plantation industry.

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