To Distribute ATENSI Service Assistance, "Nipotowe" Center MoU with Bank Mandiri

  • To Distribute ATENSI Service Assistance, "Nipotowe" Center MoU with Bank Mandiri
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Writer :
Humas Balai Nipotowe Palu
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

SIGI (2 July 2021) - To accelerate the Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) service, the Ministry of Social Affairs through Nipotowe Palu Center in collaboration with PT. Bank Mandiri Tbk in the Palu area to distribute ATENSI assistance in 2021 for Persons Needing Social Welfare Service (PPKS) program. This collaboration is realized through the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT. Bank Mandiri Tbk in Palu area, located at Nipotowe Social Rehabilitation Center in Kalukubula, Sigi Biromaru.


The Head of Nipotowe, Syaiful Samad, in his remarks on the implementation of the MoU stated that the collaboration with Bank Mandiri was not just distributing ATENSI assistance to PPKS, but also including SOE support in supporting and empowering ATENSI beneficiaries who were fostered by Nipotowe Center.


"The distribution of assistance through Bank Mandiri is not only the assistance can be targeted and easily accessible to beneficiaries but also there are other things that we need to cooperate with. We need support from various parties to increase the independence of PPKS. This responsibility is not only our responsibility at the office. Nipotowe and the Ministry of Social Affairs, but also this is the responsibility of all of us, including the SOEs," said Syaiful.


Syaiful said that the work of people with disabilities that had been fostered at Nipotowe Center could be marketed more widely and the public would appreciate the work of people with disabilities, not just piled up in the Center. Moreover, people with intellectual disabilities on average do not have access to work in the formal sector and need the support of others to be independent.


He gave an example that the clothes he was wearing were examples of handicap works. For this reason, Syaiful encourages Bank Mandiri to participate in optimizing the ability of beneficiaries to have confidence and their products can be accepted by the wider community.


In response to this, Zuhri as Area Head of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk Palu Area stated that the Palu area oversees 26 branches spread across 13 regencies and 1 city. Zuhri also said that Bank Mandiri was ready to promote the work of beneficiaries from Nipotowe to be introduced to stakeholders and in all Bank Mandiri branches.


"We will help with marketing, at least I instruct the branches to promote through giving souvenirs to stakeholders, including if there is an exhibition you can participate in. These are the products of our brothers/sisters who have limitations but have extraordinary and very good abilities, " said Zuhri.

He also said that another convenience offered by Bank Mandiri as the channeling bank for ATENSI assistance was that beneficiaries could open accounts in their respective regions and this could be done online.

"Customers only need to use their cellphones and can open accounts. We are proud to be able to work together, especially because the purpose of this collaboration is noble to help our brothers and sisters. The assistance can be distributed, useful, and help their needs," added Zuhri.

In addition to the signing of MoU, Nipotowe Center also invited Bank Mandiri to see firsthand the process of making Eco Print, Paper Recycling, and Art Therapy as well as Bamboo Music Art carried out by beneficiaries assisted by Nipotowe Center.

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