Together with Abiyoso Center, Jumi Gets Her Hope Back

  • Together with Abiyoso Center, Jumi Gets Her Hope Back
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Writer :
Iin Saputri
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

CIMAHI (August 29, 2022) - Abiyoso Center Cimahi received a troubled migrant worker named Jumiati Hasan last Saturday (6/8). She previously worked as an Indonesian Migrant Worker (TKI) in Bukit Mertajan, Malaysia for approximately 6 months.


To change the fate of the family by working abroad, it turns out that Jumi has to be tortured by her employer. “They have beaten me four times, even though I have taken good care of their children. First, I kept quiet because I knew I had no family in Malaysia. The second, and the third, I also just endure it. I'm angry and sad, but I'm still trying to take care of their children," said the woman who was born in Beringin Jaya, Lahat Regency, South Sumatra 22 years ago.


Jumi migrated to Malaysia in early December 2021 with the help of one of her friends. According to her, all the needs of her trip to Malaysia at that time were borne by the agency.


However, her salary for the first three months of service will be deducted to be paid to the agency.


"My first employer was very good, his children too," said Jumi.


Just a month after Jumi worked, the employer, who was elderly with a serious illness, died, so the agency sent her to another employer. While working for this second employer, she was often tortured. She was often beaten because she was thought to be incompetent in cleaning the house, even though according to her,  it was the work of another maid. "The employer doesn't want to look the house dirty. If the other maid finishes cooking, it's dirty again, I'm the one to blame. That maid was not scolded.”


One night, Jumi was again tortured which finally made her unable to take it anymore. The next day, when the house is empty, she runs away. When she realized she didn't know where to go, she just sat on the side of the road, wailing. Luckily, some residents cared and took her to the police station. After making reports and completing administrative matters, the authorities went to Jumi's employer's house to confiscate Jumi's cell phone and passport which the employer had detained.


After further investigation, it seems that Jumi went to Malaysia using the services of illegal migrant workers. Because of that, she was detained for a month in the Bukit Mertajan court prison, Malaysia. After a month, she was then handed over to the immigration authorities for further repatriation to Indonesia.


Arriving in the country, Jumi was first taken to the office of the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Agency (BP2MI) in Tangerang, Banten. After that, BP2MI coordinated with MoSA to handle Jumi's case. MoSA was involved in this case because Troubled Indonesian Migrant Workers are one of the social welfare service recipients (PPKS) clusters, served by this institution. Regarding this matter, Jumi was then temporarily placed in Abiyoso Center, Cimahi. This placement was done because Lahat Regency (Jumi's hometown) is one of the work areas of Abiyoso Center.

For about two weeks at Abiyoso Center, Jumi has been taught several skills, especially in the culinary field. It is hoped that when she returns to her hometown, she will be able to start a culinary business.

Jumi was very enthusiastic about the opportunity. She is very grateful to Abiyoso Center for helping her and even teaching her many things.

"Thank you very much, I have been given food, given a place to sleep, and also taught to cook. I have a plan to open an ice shop at home,” said the woman, who only had education up to grade III of elementary school.

Not wanting other people to suffer the same fate, Jumi advised Indonesian who wish to migrate to work as migrant workers abroad to be more careful. "Think it twice before going abroad, don't let something like me happen again," she added.

On August 24, 2022, Jumi was finally escorted back to her home in Beringin Jaya village, South Sumatra, by the team from Abiyoso Center. This team is led directly by the current Head of Abiyoso Center, Agung Hendrawan.

The government through MoSA was indeed mandated to deal with troubled migrant workers. However, it was very unfortunate that Indonesian citizens were still very easily tempted by the lure of increasing welfare through working as migrant workers abroad without taking into account all the consequences. The rise of cases of violence against TKI abroad so far should make us all, especially those who intend to work as TKI, be more alert and careful about offers from parties whose validity is not yet clear. Jumi's fate did change, but it turned more tragic before being handled by MoSA through Abiyoso Center.

Now, Jumi has returned to her hometown. Proper handling does not only return her to the middle of the family. More than that, she also found her hopes back for the future which had been eroded by the cruelty of the illegal labor industry.
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