Tracing Act of Violence Against Children Cases

Tracing Act of Violence Against Children Cases
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The term 'my child is my soul mate, my child is the jewel of my heart', turns out to not belong to all parents. Children as a gift from God that must be taken care of as well as possible, in fact were not treated appropriately by their parents and their closest people. The phenomenon of acts of violence against children is increasingly happening and is reported in the mass media, both online media and social media. The cases are very diverse, recently on July 12, 2022 shared news of sexual violence that occurred in Dompu, Nusa Tenggara Barat where the father had abused his own biological child. Some time ago a case went viral on social media, on Deddy Corbuzier's You Tube channel, that a woman claimed to have been abused by her teacher while attending a special school for underprivileged children many years ago, and sadly the incident happened several years ago and is only now being disclosed. Online media Kompas reported that a child in Gorontalo was tortured by his stepmother, step-grandmother and biological father until he died (, 22 June 2022). In Tasikmalaya, a child was bullied by his friends, asked to have sex with a cat, until the child experienced psychological stress and died (, 22 July 2022). The phenomenon of news of violence that is rampant and unstoppable is a problem for the nation, what should be done to stem various incidents of violence that are addressed to the children of the younger generation, the forerunners of this nation's successors?

The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs has made efforts to respond to various social problems in society. The strategy is carried out by knowing various cases of social problems through news that has been shared by mass media throughout Indonesia through their respective platforms, mostly online media because news is distributed faster than other mass media. The news on social problems is then scanned by the media monitoring team of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Furthermore, the news is forwarded to the centers belonging to the Ministry of Social Affairs according to the location where the incident occurred. The Ministry of Social Affairs has 31 Centers throughout Indonesia with one of the activities being outreach or responding to cases that have occurred in the community and solving problems and planning follow-up actions.

Descriptive analysis was carried out on news with the theme of violence from 33 news stories during the month of July which had been scanned by the Ministry of Social Affairs media monitoring team as many as 33 online news and broadcasts on social media. This news has been followed up by the Ministry of Social Affairs Centers throughout Indonesia as a case response to be followed up. Of the 33 news stories accessed throughout July (until July 25) there were cases such as house fires, adults with serious illnesses, neglected or incapacitated elderly people, children with illnesses and crucial issues were found, namely news with the theme of violence. to children as much as four news.

The first violent case during July 2022 occurred in Sekongkang District, West Sumbawa Regency and a case response has been carried out by the Mataram Paramita Center, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat. This case was reported on the online media, on July 5, 2022, a five year old child was put in a sack by his own biological father with the intention of punishing the child to deter him. The background of this family is quite apprehensive, the father works odd jobs so that he is unable to meet the economic needs of the family. The Paramita Center Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat responded to the case on July 9, 2022, coordinated with relevant village officials in resolving cases, then provided knowledge about parenting children's behavior patterns by providing information about positive discipline, providing recreational activities for children by inviting children to draw. In addition to this assistance, ATENSI (Social Rehabilitation Assistance) support is provided in the form of nutritious food, school uniforms, school equipment and school supplies.

Two cases of sexual violence against children that occurred in South Kalimantan have been handled by the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Banjar Baru Center. First, it was reported on July 6, 2022 on, that a 16-year-old child (LN) became a victim of his uncle's coercion, if he did not agree, his family would not be helped financially. Sentra Banjar Baru then responded to the case, visiting the victim on July 15, 2022. The intervention carried out was advocacy by providing psychological moral support with the intervention being given attention assistance in the form of bicycles and school supplies, while the victim's parents were given entrepreneurship assistance. Second, it was reported on July 17, 2022, on, that a 12-year-old child (M) with an intellectual disability (learning difficulties) was abused by a neighbor until she became pregnant and now she is five months pregnant. The case response was carried out on July 19, 2022 with advocacy by the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Banjar Baru Center in collaboration with the Social Service, UPTD for the Protection of Women and Children. The interventions carried out were hypnotherapy, nutrition, provision of equipment for mother and baby (ATENSI support).

The fourth case found throughout July 2022, a case of sexual violence occurred in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra and has been handled by the Insyaf Center in Medan. This case was reported through the Kompas TV Medan YouTube channel on July 15, 2022, a 4-year-old child (N) became a victim of force and abuse where the perpetrators were his uncle and his uncle's friend. In addition to being forced, (N) also experienced abuse by his biological mother who is a drug abuser. (N) was abused by being burned by cigarettes at the waist. The Insyaf Center in Medan responded to the case on July 16, 2022, in collaboration with the Social Service and the local PPA Service by providing psychological therapy (assistance and handling of psychologists from the Directorate of Children) after the victim was previously given medical treatment by the local hospital. The Insyaf Center also handled the victim's mother and was given rehabilitation. The follow-up plan is to continue to monitor physical and mental development (N), help the victim's family access education facilities for (N)'s sibling, and provide entrepreneurial assistance for the victim's father.

Johan Galtung (Windhu, 1992: 62) in Power and Violence, the word violence is translated into English, namely Violence which comes from the Latin words Vis (power, strength) and latus which comes from ferre, to bring which then means to bring strength. In the general Indonesian dictionary written by Poerwadarminta, violence is defined as a "hard nature" or thing; power: coercion. While "coercion" means pressure, a hard urge. These words are synonymous with the word “rape” which means to subdue by force, to overthrow, to force by force and to violate by force. Violence means bringing force, coercion and pressure. According to Galtung (Windhu: 1992: 64), violence will occur when humans are influenced in such a way that their actual physical and mental realization is below their potential realization. This means that there is a situation that causes the individual's ability and potential to not appear.

According to WHO, violence against children is an act of abuse or mistreatment of children i.e physical, emotional, sexual harm, neglect of care and exploitation for commercial purposes which may or may not endanger the health, survival, dignity or development of children. physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect of children. Violence against children can lead to physical and psychological problems in the child in the future. Physically, it can be seen from all over his body there are signs of violence. Psychologically, children who are victims of violence can experience psychological problems such as: post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and psychosis.

From the results of the analysis of these four (4) samples of news of violence, it was found that violence was perpetrated by people closest to the victim, a child should feel comfortable with parents, uncles, mothers and other closest people, but instead they are the ones who commit the crime. the violence. Second, violence is perpetrated at home and at school, where children should feel very comfortable, becoming uncomfortable, unsafe and terrible places. Third, violence is committed against children or minors. Fourth, the violence experienced by these children occurred in families with social problems or families with low economic levels. Fifth, acts of violence are committed against children who have cognitive and mental limitations, and children under five years old. The motive for sexual violence was done because of exposure to pornography and other motives for violence due to high emotions from parents (stress), most likely due to economic pressure.

Violence that occurs in children has a multiplier impact, because apart from the current impact, this event will be imprinted on the memory, and will affect his future life when he grows up. Emotional wounds will be felt by children who get abused, and not only that, mental health will also be disrupted, there will be trauma and decreased brain performance and so on. Childhood is a period of growth that should not be filled with something that causes trauma and negative impacts in the future. Let children grow up safe, non-violent.

The Ministry of Social Affairs in the follow-up to its case response provides education to parents, provides protection, a sense of security and assistance for children who are victims of violence, as well as therapy by social workers and psychologists at the Center of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The Ministry of Social Affairs will even refer the victim of sexual violence to the child for temporary treatment, monitoring his physical and mental development at the local government's PSAA (Children's Orphanage) in the coverage area of ​​the center. The Ministry of Social Affairs has synergized with relevant stakeholders in handling cases of violence against children.The Ministry of Social Affairs seeks to respond quickly to the handling of this problem.

The task of fighting violence against children is a pentahelix task, carried out by all elements of the government, society, academia, business entities, society or the community and the business world. Handling efforts in addition to being rehabilitative are also preventive (prevention). However, violence is a violation of human rights and cannot be allowed to go unpunished. Public education is very necessary. Parents need to be alert and pay enough attention to their children's behavior, as well as the environment around them. The mass media must also synergize with the community and government, as well as pay attention to the ethics of writing news on violence against children and women, so that they are objective and do not “secondrape” their reporting. With the enactment of the Act on the Crime of Sexual Violence with statutory number Law Number 12 of 2022, hopefully it can become a legal tool to be able to resolve cases of sexual violence fairly and provide a deterrent effect on perpetrators.

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