Vice Mayor Appreciates UEP Karta Jaya Tarantang

  • Vice Mayor Appreciates UEP Karta Jaya Tarantang
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PADANG (May 28, 2020) - In the midst of the pandemic COVID-19 which is still endemic in Padang, social organization Karang Taruna is involved in doing various positive things, one of which is developing tilapia fish farming.

This is the result of the Productive Economic Business (UEP) of Karta Jaya, a result of the development of Karang Taruna Padang, located in Tarantang, Lubuk Kilangan Subdistrict.

Karta Jaya UEP supported by Padang Government through the Maritime and Fisheries Service along with the Social Service and other related parties.

The chairman of Youth Organization Padang, Yaldi Chaniago, said that he and the UEP board of Karta Jaya were grateful that the tilapia cultivation that had been managed was successful and could be harvested for the first time.

"Alhamdulillah, we were able to hold the first tilapia harvest from the Karta Jaya UEP today. We are thankful that this harvest was attended directly by the Deputy Mayor of Padang Hendri Septa as well as several relevant OPD heads at the Pemko Padang and other invitations," said Yaldi in the procession of the first harvest event. Tilapia fish is the result of Karta Jaya UEP.

The Chairman of MPKT Karang Taruna Padang Zulhardi Z. Latif who is also a member of the Padang DPRD, Lubuk Kilangan Yalmasril Sub-District, the Chairman of the Youth Organization of West Sumatra Mahdianur, the head of Lubuk Begalung Sub-District Wilman Muchtar, elements of Forkopimca and elements of the local community attended the event.

Yaldi said, the cultivation of tilapia begins with receiving as many as 20,000 initial seeds with a period of harvesting approximately five months.

"The funding process from UEP comes from Padang Maritime and Fisheries Office in providing seed assistance. While the feed comes from the contribution of the members and also assistance from Youth Organization grants. The harvest of UEP Karta Jaya tilapia is estimated can reach more than 1 ton. The results of these will be used for the development of UEP Karta Jaya. In this difficult situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic, food becomes more important including this Tilapia," said Yaldi.

Related to the tilapia aquaculture business, Chairman of UEP Karta Jaya Hendratmo, who is also the Vice Chairperson of the Padang Youth Organization, said that the result of tilapia harvest will be used for developing UEP Karta Jaya in the future.

"According to the instruction of Karang Taruna Kota Padang, we will develop the results for the advancement of KEP Karta Jaya. In the future the results can also be used for the next social activities," he said.

Hendratmo added, UEP Karta Jaya was established in order to provoke and stimulate young people to become entrepreneurs in Padang, especially through Youth Organization.

"Youth organization is not only a youth social organization. It is also a place for coaching and empowering in the purpose of developing productive economic activities by utilizing all potentials, both human resources and natural resources that already exist," he said accompanied by UEP Secretary Karta Jaya Feryanto Irawan.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor of Padang Hendri Septa in his speech, gave appreciation to UEP Karta Jaya under the guidance of the Youth Organization of Padang who successfully managed the cultivation of tilapia quite a lot with some fishponds.

"On behalf of the Government of Padang, we are grateful and proud that Karang Taruna is here to provide solutions through this UEP, especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is occurring, of course the tilapia harvest is very important for the needs and food availability of the community," said the Vice Mayor.

Furthermore, Hendri also motivated all the youth in Padang to be able to do the same thing as UEP Karta Jaya was done.

"With something like this, it is very positive indeed and there are so many people have been helped both by the government, Youth Organization and the community. So, hopefully this can be always maintained and continued by the Youth Organization of Padang. At least every district, there is one UEP that can be productive. And congratulation for the first time harvesting Tilapia, hopefully it can be useful for all of us," added Vice Mayor.

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