Visit Kaltara, Minister of Social Affairs Requests Mental Disabilities Can Take Medicine Routine

Visit Kaltara, Minister of Social Affairs Requests Mental Disabilities Can Take Medicine Routine
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BULUNGAN (January 23, 2023) – Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini made a working visit to North Kalimantan Province, as well as accelerating the distribution of social assistance to the Social Rehabilitation Assistance Program (ATENSI) and Family Hope Program (PKH). As many as 230 PKH Beneficiaries (KPM) received social assistance with business potential and social assistance recipients from ATENSI program in Roof Village, Sembakung District, Nunukan Regency, North Kalimantan Province.


ATENSI program social assistance was distributed in the form of entrepreneurship, basic needs fulfillment, nutrition, wheelchairs, mattresses, equipment for finding honey, as well as children's needs in the form of school equipment, total of ATENSI program social assistance distributed was IDR 137,259,500.


One of the beneficiaries, Abdul Haris (60), was very happy and grateful to receive a set of tools to look for honey in the forest. "Every month I can get two jerrycans of honey," he told the Minister of Social Affairs. "Since Indonesia's independence, this is the first time I have received assistance and the Minister can give it directly," he said, his eyes filled with tears of emotion.


Apart from that, he also has a child who was physically disabled from birth and was given wheelchair assistance, very helpful for his child, as well as his wife, who getting help for entrepreneurship selling groceries at home, thank you again, Mrs. Minister, hope you are always healthy, hope Abdul Haris. On this occasion, the Minister of Social Affairs greeted and conducted a dialogue with local government officials and Beneficiary Families (KPM) regarding their problems.


The Minister of Social Affairs also pays attention to beneficiary families with mental disabilities to get medical assistance so that it can be given every day so that their emotions are stable.


“For mental disabilities, they must have medicine every day so that their emotions are stable. I also asked for data and will inform the Minister of Finance because yesterday it was approved so that I can get assistance for food, "said the Minister of Social Affairs, on Tuesday (24/1/2023).


Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) is a program from the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation that is related to the provision of integrated services for the need for Social Welfare Service Recipients (PPKS).


Meanwhile, ATENSI component includes support for meeting the needs of a decent life; social care and childcare; family support; physical therapy, psychosocial therapy, and mental spiritual therapy; vocational training and entrepreneurship development; social assistance; and accessibility support can be ensured.
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