Welcoming the Director of Poltekessos Bandung, BRSPDSRW "Melati" Convey Testimonials and Messages

  • Welcoming the Director of Poltekessos Bandung, BRSPDSRW "Melati" Convey Testimonials and Messages
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Writer :
Humas BRSPDSRW "Melati" Jakarta
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan
Translator :
Yusa Maliki; Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (October 24, 2019) – Head of Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Deaf and Mute Sensory Disabilities (BRSPDSRW) "Melati" Jakarta Pujiyanto, accompanied by BRSPDSRW structural office "Melati", received and welcomed the Director of Social Welfare Polytechnic Bandung, Marjuki and its group to implement the institution supervision towards the students of Praktikum II Poltekesos Bandung in Multifunction Hall. Also participated as Vice Director I, Head of Study Program, and Head of Academic Administration (BAAK), and Head of Social Work Laboratory of Poltekesos Bandung.

This supervision activities are necessary because it aims to know the extent of the practicum and targets that have been achieved by students of Practicum II Poltekesos Bandung who practice in Social Welfare Institute (LKS) area of East Jakarta and surrounding areas.

Around 60 students came in groups from 10 different worksheets, among them concentrated on setting children, disabilities, elderly people and social tuna / trafficking victims. Students in each setting are required to learn to carry out the practice of institution-based social work using micro disciplines methods and techniques of social work.

As the host of the activities and also the worksheets where the Bandung Poltekesos students practice, Pujiyanto also gave testimonials and messages about the implementation of the practicum, especially at the "Melati" Hall. In his remarks, Pujiyanto said that the practicum activities at BRSPDSRW "Melati" were quite enthusiastic and quite actively involved directly in the service and social rehabilitation process for the beneficiaries working together with social workers, caregivers, instructors and employees. "We involve them in almost all Balai activities ranging from physical-health therapy, mental-spiritual therapy, psychosocial therapy, to livelihood therapy (vocational)," said Pujiyanto.

"The main task of the students practice is the implementation of social work knowledge that has been obtained on campus; carry out the full stages of social work in providing social services and rehabilitation to beneficiaries, starting from the engagement process (intake process) to the termination stage," Pujiyanto continued.

In his speech the Director of the Poltekesos Bandung expressed his gratitude to the Head of Balai for his willingness to provide opportunities for students to practice and his willingness to facilitate this supervision activity. He also conveyed the commitment of the Bandung Poltekesos to continue to contribute to the development of social work practices, one of which was taken through this practicum. "Through practicum, students are expected to be able to find and analyze real problems in the field and then formulate alternative solutions to their problems," Marjuki said.

This activity was followed by a presentation from students about the progress of the practicum that had been carried out in each concentration setting.

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