Youth Organization Processing Waste into Rupiah

  • Youth Organization Processing Waste into Rupiah
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Writer :
Humas Dayasos
Editor :
Humas Dayasos; Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Fia Arista Dewi

Ministry of Social Affairs continues to encourage the progress of younger generation through Karang Taruna to continue to innovate and do positive things.

Citra Pemuda Youth Organization, Laksana Mekar Village, West Bandung Regency has programs that provide benefits to the environment and society. One of the programs being implemented is converting waste into rupiah. This is done through waste processing and BSF maggot cultivation.

The village officials and local government is very supportive in this program. Village Secretary Laksana Mekar Kohar said that the Laksana Mekar Village Youth Organization is actively engaged in community empowerment, creativity, and environmental hygiene. This has been done for 3 years in waste processing, by sorting organic and non-organic waste.

"The processing of waste by Karang Taruna has been carried out for 3 years. The initiative from Karang Taruna is to clean up household waste," said Kohar.

Initially, Bambang, the head of the Laksana Mekar Village Youth Organization, West Bandung Regency, felt worried because of the waste problem in his surrounding environment. The amount of garbage scattered everywhere makes the environment of Laksana Mekar Village not beautiful anymore.

Finally, Bambang invited the youth in the village to work together to find solutions to the waste problem. Through training and meetings with village officials, Bambang started to take the initiative to sort the waste. Organic and non-organic waste is sorted and then processed so that it will not become waste.

"I thought about how young people can be able to gather in the same village. Initially it started with voluntary work cleaning the village. So then, there is an idea to develop Laksana Mekar Village from the economic side. One of them was through sorting the waste and also by making the non-organic waste be able to sold, "said Bambang.

In collaboration with Family Empowerment Organization in Laksana Mekar Village environment, Bambang processes organic waste through BSF maggot cultivation. Maggot BSF (Black Soldier Fly) is a larva of a large black fly that looks like a wasp. During its lifetime the BSF maggot consumes organic food, for example organic waste.

This BSF maggot can also help to solve the problem of organic waste. About 750 kg of BSF maggot is able to break down about 2 tons of organic waste in just 2-3 weeks.

Besides being able to reduce the amount of bad waste around, BSF larvae can also be used as marketable animal feed. Even though it is classified as a fly, BSF does not perch in garbage and does not carry disease.

The results of maggot cultivation are very much. It starts from animal feed to become excellent compost for plants. This is a business that can be run by Karang Taruna with community members.

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