BP3S Heat Up the Secretariat Performance for the 2020 Fiscal Year

  • BP3S Heat Up the Secretariat Performance for the 2020 Fiscal Year
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JAKARTA (January 9th 2020) - The Secretariat of the Social Research and Counseling Education Agency (BP3S) through the program and reporting (PP) section carried out an evaluation of the 2019 activity program and budget and discussed the Operational Activity Guidelines (POK) for the implementation of the 2020 budget activity program at hotels Mercure. Thursday, January 9th 2020.

This internal meeting activity was carried out as a form of transparency, participation, and accountability in the management of the BP3S secretariat for the 2020 fiscal year.

Previously, the head of the Research and Extension Education Agency (BP3S) of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Prof. Syahbuddin.

The Head of BP3S asked the secretariat to further improve their performance so that the output to be achieved through the activity program and budget could be achieved in accordance with the predetermined plan.

At this moment the PP Division received input and aspirations from all sections of the BP3S secretariat, namely from the Administrative, Legal, Public Relations (OHH) section, the General Section and the Finance Section. which is expected to be a solution to the obstacles and challenges in the implementation of the secretariat in the future.

Present at this activity, the Secretary of BP3S, Head of Program and Reporting (PP), Head of Organizational Administration, Law, Public Relations (OHH), Head of General Affairs, Head of Finance, and BP3S Secretarial Staff.

Writer :
Alfian Anugrah P
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Shintami Praborini ; Intan Qonita N
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Dimas Puguh; Karlina Irsalyana

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