Dealing with Social Risks, Ministry of Social Affairs Conducts Monev for Disaster Social Assistance

  • Dealing with Social Risks, Ministry of Social Affairs Conducts Monev for Disaster Social Assistance
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ALOR DISTRICT (28 April 2021) - The Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Tri Rismaharini instructed all staff to carry out monitoring and evaluation (Monev) after disaster management with a relatively large or national impact carried out by the Ministry of Social Affairs.
The Education, Research and Social Counseling Agency (BP3S) as one of the work units in the Ministry of Social Affairs also participated in this Monev.

In this case BP3S conducted Monev in the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) in several points in Alor and Malacca districts.

Previously, floods accompanied by landslides occurred in a number of districts, NTT Province, on Sunday, April 4, 2021.

According to the Head of BP3S, this Monev activity, in addition to evaluating disaster management, is also to find out what problems are post-disaster.

"In this monev we will identify other social risks that may arise after a disaster, so we can know and for handling them we can respond quickly" said the head of BP3S, Syahabuddin. Wednesday 4/28/21

Furthermore, Syahabuddin said that he had also brought Social Researchers and Extension to his team.

"In this monev team, there are researchers who will help to dig deeper into the problems and needs of disaster-affected communities and social counselors for psychosocial support services," said Syahabuddin.

According to him, the presence of social extension agents is very useful for Psychosocial Support Services (LDP) because one of the social risks that arise after conducting monev is that people still feel anxious and even traumatized. When there are cloudy clouds or light rain, it will remind you of a disaster. This is needed (LDP) to heal the trauma of the community.

Finally, the head of BP3S said that this monev was a form of government commitment in this case the Ministry of Social Affairs in providing disaster management services for victims.

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