Directorate of Poverty Handling Region II Holds Siveri Application Design Preview

  • Directorate of Poverty Handling Region II Holds Siveri Application Design Preview
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Writer :
Irwan Susanto
Editor :
Putri D
Translator :
Yusa Maliki; Karlina Irsalyana

BOGOR (October 28, 2019) - Located in one of the hotels in Bogor City (28/10) a Preview of Draft Information System Design (Verivali Information System) Regular and Dashboard Assistance in 2020. This activity was opened by the Secretary of the Directorate General of Poverty Handling (Sesditjen PFM), Nurul Farijati.

The Siveri application was made and developed in order to support bureaucratic reform and the digitalization era, it requires a government transformation scheme that is always developing and improvising with technological advancements to perfect the transformation system that has existed before. As well as to increase the acceleration of the implementation of activities in handling the poor through social assistance (Regular Social Assistance) namely the Joint Business Group (KUBE), Social Rehabilitation for Non-Habitable Homes (RS-RTLH), and Environmental Infrastructure Facilities (Sarling) which are carried out at the District Social Service Office / City of 2020.

"The application initiated by the Directorate of PFM Region II is a path to the Revolutionary and Industrial Era 4.0. The aim is to realize the distribution of social assistance that is targeted, accountable, fast, cost-effective and easy to use and summarizes several stages in the service process for handling the poor," said Secretary General of the PFM.

The Siveri application works by using a Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system designed to work with spatially referenced data or geographic coordinates. GIS has the ability to perform data processing and perform certain operations by displaying and analyzing data.

User management in this application consists of general users without login access, Social Ministry admin, Social Service admin, companion and program participants. The Siveri application displays a profile menu, dashboard, master, report and activity log. The dashboard menu consists of a map and chart dashboard. While the master menu and report contain admin data, KUBE data, RS-RTLH data, and Sarling data.

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