Drug Abuse Victims Addiction Counselor Training

  • Drug Abuse Victims Addiction Counselor Training
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PADANG (November 2, 2020) - Addiction counselors are at the forefront of social rehabilitation at the family and community level, where one of the social rehabilitation programs is the Handling of Drug Abuse Victims. As the front guard in providing services, of course the quality of human resources for addiction counselors needs to be improved. To achieve this, the Regional I Sumatra Center for Social Welfare Education and Training held a Training for Addiction Counselors for Victims of Abuse of Narcotics, Psychotopics and Other Addictive Substances.

The activity was officially opened by the Head of BP3S Prof. Dr. Syahabuddin, M.Ag at Campus Hall 2 BBPPKS Padang, on Monday Morning (2/11). In his remarks, Syahabuddin stated that addiction counselors are partners of the Ministry of Social Affairs, fighters of the Ministry of Social Affairs in preventing drug abuse. The addiction counselor is the “mouthpiece” of the Ministry of Social Affairs in handling and overcoming drug abuse. Therefore, the counselor's human resources must be advanced and there is an increase from year to year. Furthermore, Syahabuddin stated that the addiction counselor is like a mechanic who repairs drug abuse victims, so it must be done with sincere intentions because addiction counselors are a noble job.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion the Head of BBPPKS Padang Beni Sujanto conveyed that the implementation of activities was carried out classically at Campus 1 BBPPKS Padang Jl S.Parman Ulak Karang Padang and Campus 2 Jl. Alai No. 27 Kapalo Koto Pauh while adhering to health protocols by using masks, face shields, providing hand washing facilities, hand sanitizers, physical distancing, and others. Then proceed with material from the Director General of Social Rehabilitation of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, Dr. Ir. Harry Hikmat, M.Si, who discussed the importance of best practices for humanitarian activists in the rehabilitation of drug victims during the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of capacity building for them while upholding health protocols.

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