Grace Batubara and Social Councelor Give Playing Therapy

  • Grace Batubara and Social Councelor Give Playing Therapy
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LEBAK (January 21st 2019) - Grace Batubara, wife of the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs as the Advisor for the Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) of the Ministry of Social Affairs together with DWP mothers greet and play with children who are victims of floods and landslides in Lebak Regency, Banten, Tuesday (21/1).

Her presence in the midst of children, according to Grace, is a special joy to be able to see cheerful and enthusiastic faces even though they have experienced a disaster.

"Apart from physical assistance, we also provide psychosocial assistance to recover trauma from post-disaster victims," said Grace during an interview in Dodiklatpur.

At the same time Grace Batubara handed over assistance in the form of 2,000 packages of school uniforms and stationery, 120 packages of ready-to-eat food, 222 packages of children's food, 2,800 packs of instant noodles, 300 packages of side dishes, 10 sheets of rolled tents, 10 mattresses, 20 packages. family kit, 20 packages of kids wear, 50 sheets of blankets and 50 packages of family kitchen utensils as well as compensation to the heirs of 3 families of dead victims. Points for the delivery of aid were carried out in four locations, namely the La Tansa Islamic Boarding School, the Banjar Irrigation Emergency Elementary School II, the Darul Mustafa Islamic Boarding School, and the Indonesian Army Depo for Education and Combat Training (Dodiklatpur).

The Social Counseling Center through Community Social Extension volunteers together with Tagana Lebak and other social pillars provide education to students at the La Tansa Islamic Boarding School regarding Disaster Emergency Response. Social counselors from Puspensos together with the Psychosocial Support Service Team (LDP) also provided Play Therapy for children affected by floods in Dodiklatpur.

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