Minister of Social Affairs: Poltekesos Graduates Must Have Integrity and Differentiation

  • Minister of Social Affairs: Poltekesos Graduates Must Have Integrity and Differentiation
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BANDUNG (27 October 2020) - The Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs, Juliari P. Batubara, while attending the Graduation Ceremony of the 1st Social Work Study Program and the 54th Applied Master Program Social Work Study Program, conveyed a message that Bandung Poltekesos graduates wherever they are give color and still have high moral integrity, in addition to mastery of science and technology. "The ultimate goal for us to achieve education is to have high integrity and national insight. And I hope the Poltekesos community can apply this to all Poltekesos students, "said Juliari.

Juliari also recalled an initiative he had conveyed, how in the future social work can have a "green" insight. Environmental social work (green social work) needs to be developed because it has become a lifestyle in the world. This needs to be sharpened so that the products produced by the Bandung Poltekesos have differentiation / differences from other social welfare study programs on other campuses. Likewise with the infrastructure development plan that is currently being designed, namely the development of Campus II of the Bandung Poltekesos in Soreang, Bandung Regency must have a green campus perspective. "The task of the Bandung Poltekesos is to build and prepare Bandung Poltekesos students who have differentiation, can survive and are competitive in the future," said Juliari.

The same thing was conveyed by Lina Favourita Sutiaputri in her scientific oration. Lina, who currently serves as the Head of the Social Protection and Empowerment Study Program of the Bandung Poltekesos Applied Bachelor Program, revealed that the concept of green social work has been widely developed, but the application of environmental social work practices is still very limited and there are still various misinterpretations of the term and scope of practice. which exists.

The development and strengthening of green social workers is a big challenge for social work education institutions; support of resources, curriculum system, education system, field practicum support, and involvement of educational and professional associations are needed. "It still needs a big design to identify the attributes and characteristics of environmentally sound social work, develop an appropriate operational definition, use a modeling system and review best practices to describe these environmentally sound social work practices. This system must be continuously developed, maintained for consistency, and discussed intensively in academic discourse, ”said Lina.

The Bandung Poltekesos Graduation Year 2020 is the first graduation to be held with the concept of offline and online, as an adjustment to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. 397 graduates consisting of 12 graduates from the Applied Master Program and 385 graduates from the Applied Bachelor Program, attended the graduation ceremony offline and online through zoom meetings.

The 19 graduates who were present in person at the Bandung Poltekesos Auditorium building while still applying very strict health protocols, were 10 graduates with the best ranks and 9 representatives of graduates from western, central and eastern Indonesia. Is Hadijah from Bandung and Akung Wahyu Tri Wiyono from Boyolali, Central Java; selected as the best graduates for the Applied Master Program and Applied Undergraduate Program, with GPA 3.77 and 3.87, respectively.

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