President Jokowi Ensures BLT BBM in Baubau City, Buton and South Buton Regencies

President Jokowi Ensures BLT BBM in Baubau City, Buton and South Buton Regencies
Writer :
Biro Humas
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

BAUBAU (September 27, 2022) - The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, returned to Baubau City, Southeast Sulawesi Province to provide and ensure Working Capital Assistance (BMK), Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU), and Direct Cash Assistance (BBM), in three locations namely Baubau, Buton and South Buton.


In addition to BMK, BSU, and BLT BBM assistance, Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) was also distributed from Meohai Kendari Center for beneficiaries in the form of business/entrepreneurial capital assistance for 6 beneficiaries, wheelchairs for 6 people, and 1 person receiving assistive devices, crutches.


The total assistance provided was IDR 18,500,000 in Baubau City, IDR 18,500,000 in Buton Regency, and IDR 5.500.000,- in South Buton Regency.


President Jokowi advised that all assistance be used to meet basic needs, fulfill nutrition, for business capital, and for school or other needs, and not to buy cellphones, Jokowi stressed.


To date, 95.9 percent of BLT BBM assistance has been given to beneficiaries.


Lilin Adiputra (30), one of the recipients of ATENSI in the form of business capital assistance or entrepreneurship, was very happy because he received compressor assistance which would complement his workshop business.


"Before having this tool the income was approximately IDR 250,000, - hopefully with this additional tool the customers will increase so that income will increase," said Putra.


"In addition to the assistance of these tools, Putra also hopes that the Government will pay attention to other persons with disabilities so that their rights are fulfilled," said Putra.


Also attending this working visit were the Minister of State Secretariat, the Minister of Manpower, the Governor of Baubau, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower, the Secretary of the Directorate General of Social Empowerment, and other invitees.

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