Strengthening the Supervision Function of the Bandung Poltekesos Program, SPI Arranges 4 SOPs

Strengthening the Supervision Function of the Bandung Poltekesos Program, SPI Arranges 4 SOPs

BANDUNG (2 June 2021) - In order to strengthen the function and task of supervising the implementation of programs and activities within the Bandung Poltekesos, the Internal Supervisory Unit (SPI) organized the activity of Preparation of Operational Standards for Activities (SOP). The preparation of this SOP consists of 4 (four) guidelines related to human resources (HR), financial reporting, procurement of goods and services and state property assets (BMN).

Head of SPI, Meiti Subardhini, said that this activity aims to create a university government to improve SPI strengthening strategies and provide understanding to each activity implementer regarding the audit mechanism in the Bandung Poltekesos environment.

This also received support from Deputy Director II, Wawan Heryana, representing the Director of Poltekesos, when opening the implementation of the activity. "The SOP that will be prepared will be the basis for carrying out activities. SPI makes signs so that in the future the implementation of all activities at Poltekesos will be better and can be accounted for during examinations," said Wawan.

The SOP preparation activity was carried out for two days on May 31 and June 2, 2021, at the Papandayan Hotel, Bandung and was attended by 25 Heads of the Activity Implementation Unit (UPK) or their representatives. In its implementation, participants received material on the draft of the SOP preparation that was adapted to the function of the SPI from the resource person, Wonny Ahmad Ridwan, a Human Resources Expert at the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).

Resource persons are experts who have experience in building, pioneering, and providing technical guidance to build SPI in all universities in Indonesia. Especially for Poltekesos itself, resource persons have also provided input on how to prepare guidelines and directions from the Poltekesos SPI.

Based on the material obtained from the resource persons, representatives of each UPK were then divided into four groups and received a division of tasks. Each group then conducts discussions and formulates the steps or substance of procedures and mechanisms for preparing audit guidelines related to HR, finance, procurement of goods and services, and BMN assets. The results of the preparation of the four guidelines will later be synchronized by the SPI Secretariat with the completion target for the next week

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