Stunting Prevention Becomes Priority Education Target

  • Stunting Prevention Becomes Priority Education Target
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Writer :
Alfian Anugrah P
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

BONE (13 June 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia continues to make maximum efforts in handling stunting prevention in Indonesia.


One of them is through the Educational Research and Social Counselor Board (BP3S) in strengthening the capacity of human resources (HR) in handling stunting especially stunting in children, in line with President Joko Widodo's directives.


This time BP3S through the social counseling center will maximize human resources who are close to the community in the field, namely through community social counselors.


"The real contribution that social workers can make in their participation in overcoming this very crucial social problem is to conduct priority social counseling regarding the handling and prevention of stunting," said the Head of BP3S Syahabuddin in a priority social counseling activity with the theme "prevention of the risk and impact of stunting for children for the welfare of the family," Sunday 13/06/2021.


According to him, social participation in prevention in the smallest scope such as village, hamlet, RW, and even RT will be able to create a basis for preventing stunting from the nearest environment.


In this activity, there was also a member of Commission VIII DPR RI, Samsu Niang. On that occasion, the member of Commission VIII from the PDIP faction said that social workers were the extension of the government in the field.


"I think this social service is the extension of the government in the context of the mandate of the constitution, especially social problems in the field,” he said.


Furthermore, Commission VIII also hopes that this social service can prevent stunting rates and convey all programs completely and clearly so that no hoaxes arise in the community," he explained in front of social workers throughout Indonesia who were present in person and virtually in this activity.


This activity also presented the Head of the South Sulawesi Provincial Social Service and the Head of the Bone Regency Social Service as the speakers.


For information, this activity was attended by 50 participants who are community stakeholders in Bone District, South Sulawesi. In this activity, there was also dissemination of Social Counselor which was attended by 30 candidates for Social Counselor Services in Bone Regency.

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