The Head of BP3S Gives Direction to the Ukom Education Path Assessor

  • The Head of BP3S Gives Direction to the Ukom Education Path Assessor
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JAKARTA (May 2, 2020) - Center for Professional Development of Social Workers and Social Extension Workers (Pusbangprof Peksos Pensos) Hold a video conference to provide guidance to the competency test assessor (Ukom) of the Social Welfare Polytechnic Education Line (Poltekesos Bandung).

This activity was led directly by Head of the Center for Research and Development, Tati Nugrahati and was officially opened which also gave directions to the Head of the Syahabuddin Research and Social Education Education Agency (BP3S).

In his direction, the Head of BP3S said that in line with the government's efforts to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, the certification target had to be reduced to around 17,000 human resources, which was previously 27,000.

In response to this, certification can no longer be carried out in the conventional pattern as has been done so far, it requires accelerated and accelerated steps to pursue the achievement targets in 2020.

"We provide and perfect digital / online platforms for implementing certification from upstream to downstream. The transformation of this certification pattern is a demand of the times and developments that cannot be postponed anymore,” Syahabuddin said in a video conference meeting, Saturday 2/5/2020.

Pusbangprof and the Social Workers Professional Certification Institute (LSPS) responded to this development by running a competency test system through a computer based system, no longer paper based.

"Certainly in the implementation of this new pattern there will be many challenges and empirical facts that have never been found before, but it must be believed that our commitment is very clear and decisive in maintaining the quality and substance of the certification itself," explained Syahabuddin

The IAIN Palu Professor also explained that the Online Social Workers Competency Certification Activity through education in Bandung Poltekesos is the first step in a series of competency tests for the 2020 budget year.

"I expect the certification assessor's readiness in organizing this online certification at the Bandung Poltekesos. "The assessment of the human welfare organizers must be competent, and the certification process can create professional human welfare organizers," he concluded

As information the Competency Test Activities will be held for 2 days from Tuesday - Wednesday 5-6 May 2020, with the number of participants of the 398 Social Worker Test consisting of Bandung Poltekesos Students who have carried out Practicum III material.

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