Mpok Uut’s Pecel Ayam Stall Was Successful Because of MoSA PENA Assistance

Mpok Uut’s Pecel Ayam Stall Was Successful Because of MoSA PENA Assistance
Writer :
OHH Ditjen Dayasos
Editor :
Laili Hariroh
Translator :
Dian Catur/Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (June 24th, 2024) – Siti Utari (36), who was often called Mpok Uut, was known widely for her Pecel Ayam’s (deep fried chicken served with sambal sauce and fresh vegetables) stall. As a beneficiary of Nusantara Economic Heroes (PENA) from Ministry of Social Affairs, Mpok Uut’s business grew rapidly.

Previously, Mpok Uut was a beneficiary of Family Hope Program (PKH) and Non-Cash Food Assistance Program. Recognizing her potential, MoSA gave her business capital through PENA. Aside from capital, Mpok Uut also got marketing, packaging and simple bookkeeping trainings. The assistance was not only in the form of commodity but also knowledge and counselling.

Armed with the knowledge, Mpok Uut put Pecel Ayam into boxes that are more interesting and hygienic, so that it would look professional and increase the sales value. She also promoted the food through her WhatsApp business account to cover more consumers.

Furthermore, photography training and PENA Clinic helped Mpok Uut to capture interesting images of her food to be uploaded to social media. Financial literation taught by PENA helped her to separate the capital from the profit. Thus, she could save some of her income.

“I learn photography, packaging, marketing, financial literacy, record the income and the expenses. I apply them all into practice when I sell,” Mpok Uut said.

Mpok Uut’s hard work and tenacity started to show result. Pecel Ayam business which was started more than 10 years ago is now infamous in Kramat Kwitang, Senen, Central Jakarta. Mpok Uut was optimistic that she could be independent and free from poverty due to her business. Nowadays, she can get IDR 300,000 per day or about IDR 9 million per month. From the profit, she could pay the school tuition fee for her three children, giving them hope of a better future.

“Nusantara Economic Heroes will be sold out,” Mpok Uut says optimistically. 

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